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Reviews for "The Incredible Life & Mysterious Death of Dorothy Kilgallen" By Sara Jordan-Heintz

Reviewed in the United States on March 13, 2024
If you're intrigued by the life and mysterious death of the great Dorothy Kilgallen -- and you're partial to lots and lots of details provided by a credible source -- Sara Jordan-Heintz' 400-plus-page book ought to be in your library. A gifted wordsmith, echoing the writing prowess of her subject, Jordan-Heintz gets into details and specifics that only rigorous -- make that exhaustive -- research can allow.

If most biographers would tell you his or her subject wore a Timex watch, Jordan-Heintz would give you insight into the lot numbers of the inside metallic elements that make the timepiece tick! That's not at all a snarky comment; it's an exaggerated way of telling you this author is steeped in journalism's best practices, respecting how detail and nuance can make a story sing at near-perfect pitch.

The author has uncovered and revealed facts and historical details about Dorothy Kilgallen's life and unspeakable, tragic death you're not going to find anywhere else. Again, her level of detail is so precise that it reinforces her credibility as an estimable journalist who remains a member of the working press. She paints a very likely scenario of events and a string of bad actors who doubtlessly conspired to silence poor Dorothy. It's a very good read, very hard to put down.

The Incredible Life & Mysterious Death of Dorothy Kilgallen delves deeply into the assassination of JFK, and Jordan-Heintz' narrative here is rich in details and heretofore unreported suspicions and findings. She may have devoted perhaps a disproportionate number of pages to this American tragedy. But of course Dorothy's having been hot on the trail of what *really* happened to JFK underpins so much of her ultimate journalistic quest.

Philip J Zozzaro
Reviewed in the United States on April 28, 2024
The news and entertainment world were stunned by the untimely death of writer and TV quiz show panelist Dorothy Kilgallen at age 52. She was found dead in her Manhattan apartment on November 8, 1965. Her death was attributed to a combination of alcohol and barbiturates. However, those familiar with the pioneer journalist knew that there was something more behind her death, perhaps something sinister.

Dorothy Kilgallen had the nose for news instilled in her DNA as her father James was a veteran reporter for various outlets in his long life. Dorothy was intrigued by her father's work and struck out on her own and landed a position with the New York Evening-Journal. Dorothy made a name for herself as her "Voice of Broadway" column was syndicated far and wide across the United States. Dorothy covered the glitz and glamour of the entertainment beat along with high society, but she possessed an unparalleled tenacity when it came to covering high profile crime stories such as the Sam Sheppard murder case. This fierce determination would only be furthered with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in November 1963.

The murder of the 35th President of the United States was a moment that shocked the country and the world. Dorothy had liked John F. Kennedy and had even visited him with her young son Kerry. As the circumstances of the tragic events were relayed across the airwaves, questions began to mount in Dorothy's mind. These questions would only be compounded with the televised murder of alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. Dorothy travelled down to Dallas for the trial of Oswald assassin Jack Ruby. Dorothy spoke to Ruby's attorneys and was able to gain access to Ruby himself. Could this access and the information she received from Ruby have led to Dorothy's mounting skepticism over JFK's murder? Was Dorothy about to blow the lid off the case and render the Warren Commission moot?

Sara Jordan-Heintz has written a spellbinding biography and true crime mystery that is rich in investigative research and detail. The characteristics of Dorothy's life story pre 1963 are fascinating and wonderful to read and digest. Dorothy's work as a journalist, TV and radio star often had to compete with her marriage and motherhood. Despite the occasional turbulence in professional and personal life, Dorothy possessed a grace and persistence that saw her through any ordeal. The details of the dark day in November are brought forth in depth and the undercurents of conspiracy are not easy to ignore. Once Dorothy begins to pursue leads in the case and calling out inconsistencies in the case, the countdown to her own tragic ending has begun. There have been countless books written about the Kennedy assassination, some adhering to the lone gunman narrative, others to conspiracy. Sara Jordan-Heintz lays out the facts of Dorothy's life and death along with the death of JFK in precise detail. She offers her own views on both and makes a convincing argument for why Dorothy's death was orchestrated. A well-written volume to be added to the library.



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